How do I get the Tornados back to English after update 0619?

Discussion in 'Novo Tablets' started by geofferyh, Aug 22, 2012.

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    After I updated from 0606 to 0619 my tablet reverted back to Chinese language. Since I do not read or speak Chinese, I do not no where to find the language setting in the "Settings" screen.:confused:

    Help please.

    Never mind. 101 views and nobody had a fix. Fixed it myself. Here is the answer:

    To change from Chinese language back to English or other:

    1. Open “Settings”
    2. Scroll down list to where you see the “Padlock” icon. Select the item choice just below the “Padlock icon.
    3. Next, in the right hand column of item choices, select the top most choice.
    4. Now, you can set your language choice.

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