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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by maavenz, May 26, 2013.

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    Google Nexus 10
    I`m posting from Denmark, and I have some questions regarding the Google Nexus 10, which can`t be purchased in DK yet. Hope you nice people will give me a little help.
    Being a Mac user for many years, I`ve now decided to buy an Android device. My plan is to go all in with this tablet, because my MacBook Pro, and my MacMini are quite old, and cannot be updated anymore.
    My smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy 3S
    My wife has an iPad 2, but I think it has som limitations like no Flash, no USB connection etc. The newest Android tablets seems to have all these features, which means that I can have it as a stand-alone machine or ???
    Pls. tell me:
    How do I transfer all my iTunes music from the 2 Macs to a Google Nexus 10? Or not, how to but more, is it possible?
    How do I transfer all my pictures from my 2 Macs? to a Google Nexus 10? -----do-----do----do----do-----do---do?
    Can i charge the tablet with the same charger as my smartphone which has a mini USB (think it`s called that).
    I have an Apple TV3 which a can connect wireless to the iPad, and then get on my Samsung Flat screen.
    How do I connect a Google Nexus 10 wirelessly to my Samsung TV?
    Can I connect the Nexus to my wifes USB Mac keyboard?
    I probably will have more qst.s, but this is what I`m thinking of right now.
    Kind regards
    Cph Denmark
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
    Welcome to the forum

    There are a lot of options if you're using a PC, but you are if you're using a Mac. However I do know one paid app might do much of what you are looking for, find it (here) And yes, if you have a tablet with a USB port, you should be able to manually transfer files from your computers to your tablet. But there are other ways to do it as well. There is an app called AirDroid that will let you transfer files back and forth, even from your Mac.

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