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    For those who need to know, this is how I managed to install the Acrobat Reader into the Kyros:

    activate 'USB debugging' also make sure 'Unkown Sources' is checked.

    2) You may have to install Opera Mobile which you can obtain via the 'AppLib' application.
    Opera is amazingly fast and will overcome 'some' limitations of the default Kyros browser.
    If you install Opera, don't make it your default browser; this way when you get to a
    page download will be prompted to use the default installed browser or the
    Opera (keep your choices open).

    In any event, through one of the browsers you will search for: FILE MANAGER by is the link:

    AndAppStore : File Manager

    Once you install 'File Manager', you will need to copy the Acrobat Reader apk onto your micro-sd card. You can get the the reader through the Opera browser via your device by visiting adobe's regular site and selecting the acrobat reader download button...when prompted by the download...choose your 'other' operating system...the acrobat download page will give you the option to choose 'Android' as an optional OS.

    Once you have the acrobat reader apk file in your micro-sd card, you can then access it via your device via the 'File Manager' application which will install hacking required.



    This will work also for other apk files you may have downloaded...say from those hacker app sites...just drop the apk file into the micro-sd and try and install via File Manager by mmaapp.
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