How many, how much, and how well do PS1 games work on sony tablet?

Discussion in 'Sony Tablet S' started by lazytitan, Jan 23, 2012.

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    I am thinking of buying the Sony tablet but was wondering how the PS1 games work with it. Also how many games is there to pick from and how much?

    Will it only be Sony games or will there be third party games?

    Also guessing would have to buy them again not able to play an iso of any ps1 games i currently own.
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    Sony Tablet S
    It comes with 2 PS1 games included, some pinball game and Crash Bandicoot (in America) or Hot Shots Golf (in Japan). The titles currently available in America are:

    - Cool Boarders (free)
    - Destruction Derby (free)
    - Hot Shots Golf 2 (free)
    - Jet Moto (free)
    - Jet Moto 2 ($5.99)
    - Jumping Flash! ($5.99)
    - MediEvil (free)
    - Motor Toon Grand Prix ($5.99)
    - Rally Cross ($5.99)
    - Wild Arms ($5.99)

    No idea if 3rd party games will make it to the store at any point, but I think it's quite telling that out of all those games there's not one single 3rd party game. As for how they work with the Sony Tablet S - they run great, and there are several screen options (full screen, zoom, native resolution). You can play using touch controls or you can use a PS3 controller, which is the absolute best way to play them. You can even hide the on-screen controls.

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