How to block websites?

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    I have other people that get onto my tablet and have websites that I would like to block, is there a way to block them so no one can access those websites?

    Using default web browser on A500

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    Not directly in this version of Android.

    If you have control of the router, or you are free to use a static IP, you can change the DNS servers.
    (Warning: Dns server changes on the router apply to everyone using the router)

    Set up a new access point, then long press it, and modify it so that you are using a Static IP.
    Make sure the static is unused, and then just ursurp one. (The dhcp server on the router will
    work around a usurped IP).

    The only reason to go static is that is the only way you can change the DNS servers other than
    at the router.

    And the only reason to change the DNS servers is to use OpenDNS | DNS-Based Web Security to sign up for a
    free account and point your tablet at their DNS servers.

    And the only reason to do that is you can use OpenDNS Settings control panel to do content filtering
    by website.

    So its a long way around just to get there.

    Are you sure you wouldn't rather password protect the tablet?

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