[HOW-TO] Compress Video for Nook Color\Evo\Etc.

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    After a lot of time trying to get usable, quality video on both my Nook Color and Evo 4G, I came up with a pretty simple way of doing it.

    Download Handbrake

    In Handbrake, select the preset "iPod Legacy" under the "Legacy" presets.


    De-select "iPod 5G Support"


    Select your Source file:


    Set your maximum size:


    The maximum WIDTH should be 800 - the height will set itself off of this. If you're compressing standard-definition sources (DVDs, standard definition television) you shouldn't set it higher than 720, or you will be upresing the material.

    Now, you want to save your Profile. (It will NOT save the maximum size - you will have to set this each time. Kind of a pain.) Select "Add" under the presets:


    And name your Profile:


    Hit "Start" if you only have one video to encode, or "Add to Queue" if you have a bunch to do in one batch.


    Once it's done you will have a video ready to play on most any of the higher-end Android device, using the default players. All you have to do is rename the ".m4v" extension to ".mp4".

    In the future when you have a video to compress, all you'll have to do is select the "Nook" profile, set your size, and hit Start.

    This method plays videos on my Evo 4G and Nook Color using the standard Gallery player. I don't know about some of the lower-end Android devices, though - you may need to use a smaller width.


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