How to connect Lenov K! to a Windows Phone wifi router

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by derek.white, Feb 19, 2012.

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    I have recently purchased a Lenovo K1 (wifi only). As a first time Android user I am very impressed and am having fun fnding out new features everyday. My one frustration (so far) is with mobile internet. My K1 is wifi only, but I have an HTC HD2 (running Windows Mobile 6.5). I have a data contract with this phone and am able to configure it as a wifi router which i can then connect a laptop to and have internet access. This works fine with my windows laptop but I cannot get the K1 to connect to it.
    I downloaded the app wifi analyzer and it can see the router signal from the HD2 but the K1 wireless cofiguration cannot.
    I have found and tried some apps (e.g. wifi tether) that purport to tether devices to an internet enabled tablet, but unless I am reading these apps incorrectly, or doing something wrong in their setup, they are in the wrong direction, i.e I went to tether the K1 using wireless to an internet enabled device i.e. my HD2.
    Can anyone help?



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