HOW TO: Control your Android Tablet (or Android Phone) from your PC or other Android

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    This has been discussed in the past, but since we have a lot of new users since the last time we posted anything about AND since the software and apps have changed I thought it might be a good idea to revisit this topic.

    For anyone out there that might want to either control their tablet or phone from from their PC or control Android Device A from Android Device B, this is the set up for you. Now I take no credit for any of this, I am just pulling it together from a lot of previous posts.

    This is all done via a system called VNC, which has two parts. These are a Viewer and a Server. The device you want to connect to must have a VNC Server installed and running, and the device that you want to connect from must have a VNC Viewer.

    For the purpose of this HOW TO, I am going to use excidio's excellent writeup that he did last year, this will completely cover getting this set up for PC to Tablet connections (NOTE: This only works for Rooted Devices). Also I personally have this set up using the connection via ADB to the device, I have also gotten it to work when both devices are on the same WiFi connection. I have not had success yet getting this to work via VZWs network, either over 3g or when using to 4g device (Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and HTC Thunderbolt) :

    Step 1: Preparing your computer
    You will have to be sure that you have a VNC Viewer installed on your computer first. Here’s a quick list of programs that can be used:
    • Linux – Remote Desktop Viewer (However, I use the command line). Remote Desktop Viewer is pre-installed in Ubuntu.
    • Mac – Chicken of the VNC.
    • Windows – RealVNC.
    Step 2: Preparing your Android device
    • Scan the QR Code at the top of the page to be directed to the Droid VNC Server page in the Android Market.
    • Open Droid VNC Server and tap Start Server.
    • Suggestion – Connect to a wireless signal that your computer is also using. (I have not yet tested USB & Verizon does not support VNC through 3G)
    • Feel free to modify any of the options in Menu > Settings. (I’d recommend a password)
    Step 3: Connect to your Device
    • Open your VNC Viewer of choice and type in the IP:port that you see listed on the Droid VNC Server home screen.
    • Type in your password if needed.
    • You should now see your Android Device!
    Some helpful things to know:Some possible incorrect keybindings: (I have a feeling this is an Android thing…)
    • = sends +
    • ! sends ~
    • ~ sends 0
    • < sends *
    • > sends #
    These are important to know: [​IMG]
    • home = home
    • right-click = home, also
    • pg up = menu
    • pg down = call
    • pg down long press = redial most recent
    • esc = back
    • del = back, also
    • end = phone sleep
    • type = from the home screen random typing will initiate google search
    Here are some instructions for using VNC through USB:I have heard that USB will provide a faster VNC connection. With adb installed and the device plugged in via USB:
    adb forward tcp:5901 tcp:5901
    adb forward tcp:5801 tcp:5801

    Using your preferred VNC Viewer, connect to:

    Here is a link to the original blog post for this article:

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    Thank you pbrauer!
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    @BAM39762 : Reading comprehension failure on your part. Paragraph 4, sentence 1 of the post reads as follows.


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