How to do actual 5.1 through micro HDMI (acer tab)?

Discussion in 'Acer Tablets' started by whereismydrink, May 26, 2012.

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    I recently purchased the Acer a510. its a great tablet, fast, all that jazz. I just upgraded a few things around the house, and I am all about audio. Now, I CAN play digital audio through my PC, and i can also play some formats through some other media devices, but i basically want to figure out how to play it through my tablet(to my reciever).

    Usually i go for MKV ripping, because it encodes its own separate audio, and outputs decent quality video with it. So i get my true, digitally decoded(not pro logic), or trueHD, or DTS, or whatever, with this format.

    When i drag n drop MKVs onto the tab, it wont play. Tried some players, still wont play. Can use a converter, but it only wants to convert to formats that i dont believe support nice audio.
    I can change settings, but when i try to save the 5.1, i lose video for some reason. I would convert to MP4 and be done with it, but im pretty sure MP4s have like aac or something(which is pro logic, i believe)

    Anyone know the correct way to do this? is there some way i can get ACTUAL 5.1 digital decoding out of this thing?

    I searched around as best i could and didnt find an actual answer. most people are happy with pseudo 5.1, or all channel stereo. I wish i was as well, but i am not. heh.

    Thank you so much, and if any questions need answering, thats no problem.
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