How to download apps?

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    Ibex Flytouch3 Superpad2 16GB
    Hi there
    I have a brand new Ibex Flytouch3 16GB, 2 months old, totally unused. Managed to get wifi working and used the browser, that's it.
    It has crashed too many times to mention with the message "android.process.acore"
    I deliberately bought it from China Grabber so it's not a clone, right??
    I joined ******** forum, and they are no help whatsover. They answer a thread without actually reading the text and taking on board your point of view.
    I asked this question back in May to ********, still waiting for an answer:
    If I click on anything in the market place the message "sorry, there's not enough space to install this item" appears.
    I haven't downloaded anything because I can't.
    I have cleared the "cache" on just about everything I can find.
    So as it stands it is just a MID which is exactly what the manual describes it as, only unless you have it plugged into the mains and the screen set to never turn off, it even drops your connection to the outside world, even on a LAN cable!
    I so wanted much more out of the Android world, but so far it has been a frustrating experience. I hope I have more success with this forum.....

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