(How To) Fix the gingerbread keyboard in a rooted NC (B&N versions only)

Discussion in 'Nook Color FAQ' started by darmeen, Mar 5, 2011.

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    In the NookColor Tools, you can change your keyboard immediately after rooting, but the gingerbread keyboard is not installed correctly, but still selectable in the list. You need to reinstall the gingerbread.apk that is in the system folder internally.

    Okay, you will need a file manager that can change the status of system files...I use Super Manager (its free in the market), but you could use a version of Root Explorer as well.

    Here is how I did it (just now to verify)

    Open Super Manager

    Select File Manager

    Navigate to the /system folder internally...tap that

    It will ask if you want to switch system to r/w..tap r/w
    (this is allowing you read/write access to the system folder, so be careful)

    tap on app

    scroll down to find and tap on gingerbread.apk

    tap install

    It will ask if you want to replace the application, tap okay

    tap install

    tap done

    close out of Super Manager

    Open NookColor Tools

    Choose keyboard

    Select Gingerbread keyboard

    You are done!

    (As a note, Super Manager will remember the last folder you visited, and you can just use the back button to navigate backwards to the main screen for other uses)

    A quick fix to get a keyboard working again is just to open NookColor Tools and choose the multi-touch keyboard again.
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