How to flash the firmware on Rikomagic MK802 II?

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    1. Phoenix Card (Download: )
    2. microSD Card (2GB or more)
    3. microSD Card Writer
    4. Windows XP/Vista/7 OS
    5. Image File
    ftp://FTP_rikomagic:rikomagic@ II_recove tool_120822.rar)

    1. Insert your microSD Card to the Card Writer
    2. Run PhoenixCard.exe
    3. Select Disk Drive
    4. Select Image File
    5. Select Write Mode - Product
    6. Burn
    7. After Image is written to microSD Card, pull out and insert microSD Card into MK802 II.
    8. Power on MK802 II, wait for 4-5 minutes, power indicator (blue light) will automatically turn off
    9. Remove SD Card and power MK802 II again.
    10. Finally the Image is flashed. Now you can enjoy it!

    Please discuss here if you have encountered any problem or issue! Thanks!


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