How To Get Internet While Abroad

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0' started by Felicia23, May 16, 2013.

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    I got the Tab 2 for a trip to Central America and was told internet would not be a problem. While in the States, I did all the appropriate things needed for it to have the functions I would want to use. Tested it here and all worked well. Once I got there, I learned my access to a wireless router would be limited but it was suggested that I could get a usb stick with a sim card in it to make the internet connection.

    That came with a couple of problems
    1 - there's no usb port
    2 - when I went to get the proper cables so the existing ports could be used, I was told I would need to purchase additional hardware in order for the usb with sim to work

    I was in an area that isn't known for the highest level of ethical business, so I opted to hold off until I could find out more.

    Does anyone know what I would need (or if it would be possible) to use the tab 2 with a sim card for internet access?
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    Welcome to the forum

    Sounds like you're in a real pickle. My suggestion, go to a cell phone store to see if you can rent a WiFi portable hotspot. It uses the cell system to get on the Internet but your tab uses its WiFi to access it. Or get a prepaid phone with a hotspot, (tethering), data plan.

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