How to install Clockwork Mod Recovery on MID 701 -F518

Discussion in 'Telechips TCC8902 Tablets' started by Docop, Mar 6, 2011.

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    MID F518
    I would like to know how can i install the Clockwork Mod Recovery from TeamTelechips ? Because, if i run the install_recovery.bat for the in the cmd prompt, adb result all time in
    telling me :
    946 KB/s (6414336 in 6.786sec)
    error scanning partition

    The tablet is rooted already with Z4root 1.3
    The android sdk is running perfectly and i can list with adb and view info with QTadb also.
    And from the system info of my tablet i have :
    MID 5/7'(cn) / written in the userguide: MID F518 from Telechip
    And the system memory that show up in the system info is : 3.31gigs and available :3.12g .
    So with the system app and rom i think i have a 4gigs version. and i have 256m of ram.
    I have install Rommanager and i can't connect when i click on the clockworkmod. So that's might be ok, as the clockworkmod is not installed yet.

    So, do i have to be in recovery first ?
    and do i need to wipe/clear cache ?

    Also, about the ? Do i just need to rename the of 3megs into : and do the update ?

    Thanks a lot

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