How to install firmware on CCP P975 tablet

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    Some weeks ago I bought a 9.7" tablet (model P975) from a Chinese company called CCP. I quickly found that it would not run on the battery at all and needed to be plugged in all the time. Even then it was not very stable and often crashed or rebooted for no apparent reason. I was in almost constant email touch with CCP and eventually they informed me that it needed a firmware update. After some days they sent me a new firmware (as an .IMG file) with a promise to send instructions on how to install it to follow. However, they did not send the instructions and I have been unable to contact them since then despite numerous emails - it's like they have disappeared off the face of the earth.

    So, does anyone know how to install new firmware on a CCP P795 tablet or have any other suggestions on how to resolve the problem.


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