how to make a non movable screen saver/wallpaper for your tablet

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    Hi I have made a video tutorial on how to make a non movable screen saver / wallpaper for your tablet so when you scroll trough your screens the background image stays put.

    The video was made with ics4 in mind as this is what im running on my zenithink c91 but im sure it will work on any tablet as long as you have the option to "set as desktop background" any photo in your gallery
    just a important note at 3.15 of the video you can see im saving the image as a jpeg, don't use bitmap
    Let me know how it turns out, any questions just ask ill do my best to help

    Just a quick note on screens the screen on zenithink tablets is not glass its made of a plastic compound. the problem with plastics is you cant remove scratches easily (with glass you can) Do not use without a screen protector you can use one from a ipad you will have to cut it to size.
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