How To Manually Update (Requires SD Card)

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    How to update your Flytouch II/Wowpad/Superpad/etc

    This only works for version 1170 and above.

    Read the complete guide BEFORE you attempt to update your device!

    I take no responsibility if you don't follow these instructions and something goes wrong.
    I warn you that there is a possiblity of loosing all data on the device! So make sure you follow the backup instructions!

    I sincerely hope this helps you!

    Step 1: Download z4root Download

    Step 2: Once you have downloaded place the .apk file onto your memory stick or micro sd card.

    Step 3: Now plug your sd card or memory stick into your flytouch 2 and open it with you file manager (wowfilemanager) now click the .apk file and install it.

    Step 4: Open z4 root you will be shown 2 options, tempory root and permanent root, I suggest permanent root incase you have to reboot.

    Step 5: Restart your device and it is now rooted and you can run titanium backup.

    Step 6: Download Titanium Backup from the marketplace.

    Step 7: Run Titanium Backup, and allow it SuperUser Privilages when requested.

    Step 8: Menu/Batch/Run Backup all user apps and system data

    Step 9: When this finishes, backup the TitaniumBackup Directory from the SD Card onto your computer.

    Step 10
    : Open System settings (from the Desktop) /About Device/Certification You *NEED* to have a backup of this number! Sometimes the update deletes this and it CANNOT BE RECOVERED. I personally just took a screenshot which I also saved to the computer.

    Step 11: Download the for whatever update version you want to install.

    Step 12:Save this file to an empty Fat32 MicroSD card. It has to be empty and formatted to Fat32.

    Step 13: Turn off your Device

    Step 14: Insert the SD card with the update on it into the SD card slow BETWEEN the USB ports.

    Step 15: Boot into Recover mode by pressing Home and Vol -

    Step 16: Select the "Update from" option by using the volume keys to move and the menu key to select

    Step 17: Let this run. If it does not work Try wiping the Cache via the reovery menu (look above) and retry installing from the There is an option to wipe data, i suggest this if the update still doesn't work. This is why we backed up the programs.

    Step 18: If it asks you to register the tablet just plug the tablet into the internet using a LAN cable. Then type in the code I instructed you to back up.

    Step 19: Repeat steps 1 to 6 if you lost your programs.

    Step 20: Enjoy the added functionality of the new update.

    I hope this helps!

    Please comment if it does/doesn't work.

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