How to Root a Tablet with a ROCKCHIP RK30xx CPU

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    After a lot of searching and testing I have found enough information to make an effort to root the PiPo UpU1 tablet. I believe the methodology employed should be applicable to most RK30xx based tablets.

    NOTE: In preparation for "Rooting" I have pre-installed BusyBox v1.11.1, SuperUser v3.1.3, SuperUser Update Fixer v1.2 and Root Checker onto the tablet from Google Play. Now for the good part, rooting…

    1) Download “Moborobo”. The only purpose of "Moborobo" is to get needed drivers for the tablet and to detect its connection to the PC. However, it could be utilized as a file manager.

    2) Download “SuperOneClick - Short Fuse”.

    3) Make sure that USB Debugging is enabled on the tablet (Settings -> Developer Options)

    4) Install and start “Moborobo”. Also, check for any internet updates (that might include needed drivers).

    5) Turn the tablet “ON”. Connect the tablet to a Windows PC using a USB data cable.

    6) Wait for “Moborobo” to detect the tablet or click the “Refresh” button. Don't worry if it stops at 100% when installing drivers. If you don't see any install process action, disconnect and then re-connect the USB cable. Do not “Quit” (Exit) the "Moborobo" program. DO NOT Minimize the “Moborobo” screen.

    7) Extract SuperOneClick to the PC desktop. Run SuperOneClick.exe. NOTE: If there are warnings like "your android driver is not installed", "would you like to force install adb drivers", asked if you want to install a driver from an "un-trusted source" or other things, just click “YES”. For those who have already installed an official driver you will probably not see any warning at all.

    8) Click the Root button. Select the TEST button to verify the rooting of the tablet. (Yea, success!!!:D)

    9) “Quit” (Exit) “SuperOneClick” (“Moborobo” should have already “Quit”).

    10) Turn “OFF” USB De-bugging on the tablet. Click “Safely Remove Hardware” in the Windows System Tray, then remove the USB cable from the tablet.

    The rooting process should have only taken a few seconds. If anything goes wrong or nothing happens, just “Quit” (Exit) “SuperOneClick” and “Moborobo”. Unplug the USB cable from the tablet. Re-install “Moborobo” on the PC. Also, it is really best to have an internet connection on your PC while doing this process since “Moborobo” may need to download a necessary driver for your device. Repeat steps 5 thru 10.

    Now for the fly in the ointment. Next I ran "Root Checker" and it tells me that the tablet is not yet rooted. Here is the detailed analysis:

    BusyBox Test
    Installed correctly

    Root Test
    Result: /sbin/su: Permission denied
    Analysis: File system permissions restricted and denied access.

    Standard Location
    Check Command: ls - l/system/xbin/su:
    Result: -rwsr-sr-x root root 22364 2013-07-13 10:48 su
    analysis: Setuid attribute is present and root user ownership is present. Root access is correctly configured for this file! Executing this file can grant root access!

    Alternative Location
    Check Command: ls - l/system/xbin/sudo:
    Result: /system/xbin/sudo: No such file or directory
    Analysis: File /system/xbin/sudo does not exist.

    Root User ID and Group ID Status: SU binary not found or not operating properly.

    System Environment PATH: /sbin/vendor/bin /system/sbin /system/bin /system/xbin

    ADB Shell Default User: ADB shell setting for standard access, stored in default.prop, is configured as: root user -

    Now I need a little help from my friends. At this point I am a little over my head. What is an su binary file and how do I get one?

    With a little help I think we could have a very nice method for rooting RK30xx based tablets.

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