How to update yor MID tablet

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    I just recieved a 7" touchpad tablet PC and the specs are:

    model number -generic

    firmware version 5.0- dont know if thats tue but its what it says.

    kernal version- 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty

    build- WMT2.1.2
    that is the information it gives me in the "About device"

    but when i go to manage applications and click on Android system it tells me it is a 1.6

    all i need to know is if i can upgrade the ROM, or if i can make the system better by updating the firmware, or kernal. It keeps on shutting off the applications that I am on when I am using them and it takes me back to the loading part each time I try to go on the WEB. Can some one please help..................:( Thanks.........:)

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