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    Hi all,
    I need help if any :)
    Irobot yesterday I got a tablet (mid 07r1), which in the words of the giver try ROM update and then not at all to do. I read on various forums black screen dead - brick and how to raise again the original FW ... that not more than anything but offered nothing we did not work, when I poke him in the computer turn red (an indication for charging) when I hold the ignition button starts flashing green light when I let the red back. Getting back to the comp, when I connect nothing happens, but when it is connected and I hold the ignition button to hear sound three consecutive (not as a classic two straight when he sees the new hardware) after the release button classic sound of the unit or if a longer holding ignition button disconnects that I throw ....

    and this is how it looks inside and out:

    is there to help :(
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