HTC and Apple Declare Patent War Truce with 10-Year Licensing Agreement

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    Just yesterday, HTC and Apple made a surprising announcement. Apparently they worked out a 10-year patent licensing deal that effectively ends their current patent wars. In fact, this new deal even covers future patented technologies. However, while this news initially seems like magical & rosy Christmas-land, in many ways, it's still a huge loss for HTC and Android. Although the details of the agreement were not officially released, insider intel indicated that HTC will effectively have to pay Apple $6 to $8 dollars per Android device they sell. On top of the money that HTC must pay Microsoft for a similar licensing deal, much of HTC's profit is eroded in Android. This can't be good for a company that is already struggling to stay above water.

    Of course, there still are no details on how much Apple will have to recompense HTC to license their tech, so some of this could be offset. Regardless, could we be seeing the patent wars winding down?

    Here's the press release below,

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    Good news in general. This seems to be a different direction for Apple than Steve Jobs' "thermonuclear" statement which implied not quarter. If companies want to use the patents are ok paying and Apple is willing to license to them that is better than not allowing any use and fighting everything out in court.

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