HTC Flyer and Digital Pen Now Available in one Happy $500 Package

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    When the news broke that the Digital Pen would be sold independently of the HTC Flyer, it wasn't well received. While this is one of the more unique features of the Flyer, its lack of comparable hardware to other Android-powered tablets, along with the $500 price tag plus another $80 for the stylus, was just asking a bit much.

    However, you can now stroll into Best Buy and pick up the Flyer and the Digital Pen for a combined price of $500. We're not entirely sure what prompted this price drop - perhaps Flyer sales have been lower than expected and the double-B wanted to offer some encouragement to those who are on the fence. Either way, this is the pricing scheme that should've been in place right out of the gate.

    If you're still questioning whether the Flyer is worth five-hundred big ones, then here's the promo video to remind you of how cool this little ultra-portable machine actually is.

    Source: Liliputing
    via Best Buy

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