HTC Indirectly Confirms "EVO View 4G" Tablet for Sprint via Trademark

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    Yesterday, on our sister-site,, they reported a rumor that Sprint may be unveiling an Android Tablet from HTC called the "EVO View 4G". Today, they have all but officially confirmed that rumor with a trademark filing for the above name. Further industry rumor seems to point to this device being a full blown 4G, dual-core, Honeycomb-wielding powerhouse, designed to compete with the Xoom and iPad2 directly.

    Strangely, HTC will also be competing with themselves, since they are soon to release the HTC Flyer in Europe, which has much weaker specs than the ones rumored for the EVO View. Still, this is welcome news since HTC seemed to be lagging behind in the Tablet arena.

    What do you guys think? Are the Tablet wars heating up a bit too much, or are you excited about the stuff coming later this year?

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