HTML5 Cloud File Manager App released for Playbook

Discussion in 'Blackberry Tablets' started by SMEStorage, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    We've just released our HTML5 Cloud File Manager App for the Playbook for which it was designed, although it works with other webkit browsers. It can support access and management to over 35 storage clouds and SaaS services and enables unification of different cloud content, cross-cloud file search, and ability to upload and view documents within the browser.

    A free smestorage account is required to use the App, and a free account comes with the ability to add 3 clouds plus 5GB of storage that we provide foc.

    You can find out more at our blog post at: SMEStorage Blog » Blog Archive » HTML5 Cloud FIle Manager for over 35 Storage Clouds for Playbook and other webkit browsers.

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