Huawei Updates the Ideos S7 Tablet to Android 2.2.2... in Indonesia Only

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    So it turns out that Huawei has not completely forsaken its Huwaei Ideos S7 users. After a quiet set of events that saw the expected Android 2.2 update slip from March as previously communicated, to an unknown release in North America, Huawei service centers in Indonesia have started to perform Android 2.2 firmware upgrades to owners who show up with their S7s. Owners have been disallowed to take the firmware update files with them, thereby disallowing redistribution. Strangely enough, this update has not yet been discovered on Huawei's official webpage.

    The new Android update is version 2.2.2, with a kernel version of, as shown in the blurry picture above of a running Huawei Ideos S7 tablet. Huawei has yet to release any source code associated with the firmware release on their webpage, and so thus the trend of manufacturers delaying GPL source code releases continues.

    Discuss the firmware update here.

    Thanks to gentho for updating us and providing the picture of the updated Huawei Ideos S7.

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