Humorous Innuendo Laden Trailer for Intriguing Strategy Game: 'Leviathan Warships'

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    The above video is for an intriguing looking turn-based strategy naval combat game called, "Leviathan Warships." Even if you aren't into these kinds of games, you still might get a kick out of the hilarious, innuendo-filled trailer. The game is coming to a number of different platforms, including PC, Mac, iOS and Android on April 30th. The game wis also being designed to be cross-platform, which makes it even more appealing for strategy fans. Here's a description taken from their website,

    The game is already available for preorder on the PC and Mac for just $9.99 or €9.99. No pricing details are known for the Android version just yet, but check back at the website below on April 30th.

    Source: Leviathan: Warships - Paradox Interactive
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