Hybrid Device Coming from Clamcase This Holiday Season; ClamBook Phone Laptop Dock

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    It seems that Asus isn't the only device-maker coming up with creative hybrid devices like the Transformer series and the Padfone. The company Clamcase is set to debut an Android laptop dock this Holiday Season. Basically, this device is a dummy docking station that has an ultrabook style laptop display with keyboard. It has a super-thin aluminum design and "The ClamBook allows any device with MHL capability to dock and make use of the keyboard and display without limiting brands or models."

    Here's a breakdown of features that come with this truly intriguing next-gen device:
    • Fully optimized track pad allowing you to two-finger scroll, pinch, zoom, and swipe through apps for Android ICS 4.0+ devices.
    • Dedicated Android keys (Home, Back, and Recent Apps) to fully control your Android device from the pseudo-laptop - thus minimizing any physical interaction with your smartphone while connected.
    • Also Compatible with Motorola's WebTop application
    • MHL technology makes it more flexible enough for use with a variety of compatible devices
    • The cable duals as source of charge for the phone and it uses the SmartphoneÂ’s data plan or WiFi connection to access the internet
    • 3D cinema sound
    • Backlit LED display with a 16:9 aspect ratio
    What do you guys think? Could this be one small step in the future of convergence and integration? Check out the source link below for more info.

    Source: ClamBook from ClamCase
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    Not bad! There are times when a tablet is what I want over a notebook though.

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