HYUNDAI A7HD VS iPad 3 VS iPhone 4 VS Kindle Fire VS Galaxy Tab VS Galaxy Note

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    Recently all kinds of new products emerging on the Tablet PC market, but the majority of products are still a minor upgrade of the continuation of the new name of the route, lack of new ideas and sincerity.

    As time came in April, a 7-inch flat-panel from HYUNDAI brand new - A7HD turned out, it is refreshing.The reason why HYUNDAI A7HD received extensive attention, mainly because the four innovation killer:

    • [*=left]magnesium aluminum alloy + three-dimensional arc brought 8.9mm limit of ultra-thin design;
      [*=left]presented by IPS wide viewing angle of 1024 * 600 HD high-definition display 16.7 million colors;
      [*=left]1.5 GHz the manycore CPU +1 G-DDR3 memory reflects the smooth experience;
      [*=left]Android 4.0.3 system upgrade fresh interaction.
    In this paper,we has chosen HYUNDAI A7HD , the iPad 3, the iPhone 4, the Kindle Fire, the Galaxy Tab, compare their thickness and the screen :

    1 HYUNDAI A7HD VS iPad 3

    A Thickness contrast:

    The HYUNDAI A7HD VS the iPad 3 thickness contrast​

    First A7HD Apple iPad comparison, we can see that the thickness of the HYUNDAI A7HD than the Apple iPad a little thin, the whole thickness of the iPad 3 thin 0.5M, for a 7-inch tablet, can be described as very good performance.

    B: Screen contrast:

    The HYUNDAI A7HD VS the iPad 3 screen contrast​

    Both products are IPS screen, despite the big gap between the screen resolution specifications, but is not obvious from the actual perception of view, relatively speaking, the iPad screen warm while A7HD screen cool, and higher A7HD the brightness ( 400 cd/m2), and thus the picture is more refreshing, of course, the evaluation criteria and each screen style.

    2 HYUNDAI A7HD VS iPhone 4

    A: Thickness comparison:

    The HYUNDAI A7HD the VS iPhone 4 thickness contrast​

    iPhone 4 also is a great design sense, high-end smart phone, pictures can be seen, a HYUNDAI A7HD the body 4 is thinner than the iPhone, demonstrate leading design standards.

    B: Screen contrast:

    HYUNDAI A7HD the VS iPhone 4 screen comparison​

    clarity of the iPhone 4 warm-screen features to be displayed in the figure, but its high color saturation, causing the screen reddish color performance seems slightly distorted, while a HYUNDAI A7HD screen more accurate color reproduction, contrast ratio 900:1, the picture is more natural, more comfortable feel.

    3 HYUNDAI A7HD VS Kindle Fire

    A: Thickness contrast

    Thickness contrast of the HYUNDAI A7HD VS Kindle Fire​

    It can be seen from the figure, although the same 7-inch flat-panel, but the HYUNDAI A7HD thin than famous Kindle Fire a lot, but HYUNDAI A7HD arc design is quite beautiful, more Oriental flavor.

    B: Screen contrast:

    The HYUNDAI A7HD VS the Kindle Fire screen contrast​

    The HYUNDAI A7HD with the Kindle Fire were using IPS specifications 1024 x 600 resolution capacitive screen contrast HYUNDAI A7HD more sleek, and the screen color display is more delicate, and reflect the 16.7 million color display with 400cd/m2 high brightness advantage, rich in detail and accurately restore.

    4 HYUNDAI A7HD the VS Samsung Galaxy Tab

    A: Thickness contrast:

    The HYUNDAI A7HD VS the Galaxy Tab thickness contrast​

    Samsung Galaxy Tab in the configuration of the various aspects of and HYUNDAI A7HD, fairly, all equipped with the 1GHz Cortex-A8 processor, high-performance GPU with the three-axis sensor, and HYUNDAI A7HD in the system (Android 4.0 Android 2.2) and memory (1GB> 512MB) has led in product design, A7HD significantly thinner than the Galaxy Tab.

    B: Screen contrast:

    The HYUNDAI A7HD VS the Galaxy Tab screen contrast​

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, the same as the HYUNDAI A7HD, but HYUNDAI A7HD use IPS screen, the more obvious advantages, we can see, A7HD color more transparent natural color reproduction more accurate, the Galaxy Tab screen color distortion.

    5 HYUNDAI A7HD the VS Samsung Galaxy Note

    A: Thickness comparison:

    The HYUNDAI A7HD VS Samsung Galaxy Note thickness contrast​

    Huang as a 5.3-inch machine, the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note has reached a high level, HYUNDAI A7HD the same to be outdone, the arc design thinner advantage, good control of the body thickness.

    B: Screen contrast:

    The HYUNDAI A7HD VS Samsung Galaxy Note screen contrast​

    Samsung has been the leading brand of screen technology, the Galaxy Note is proud of the Super AMOLED screen, by contrast, the Galaxy Note the brightness and clarity higher, but the color saturation is too high, the picture is too bright , but not true color HYUNDAI A7HD is so.


    Five strong competitors HOLD live HYUNDAI A7HD ultra-thin screen contrast​

    Through more HYUNDAI A7HD and iPad 3, the iPhone 4, the Galaxy Note the Kindle Fire, comparison of the Galaxy Tab strong machine can be seen the HYUNDAI A7HD thickness of the body and screen display with the opponent a draw, at the same time, HYUNDAI A7HD also the full integration of the 7-inch portable, magnesium alloy, the IPS HD, 8.9mm ultra-thin, ultra-light 270g, the Android 4.0 system, a five-point touch, the many-core 1.5GHz, 1G of RAM to accelerate, QQ video call, 1080P decoding, HDMI 1.4 output The series highlights the People First Price, with 8G/$156.99 can be described as the recent market worth noting a high quality boutique.


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