Hyundai T7 - VS - ICOO ICOU7GT

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    Hello everyone.

    I am into buying my first Android based tablet, and i wanna know if someone with more experience could (in theory since the ICOO is not released yet) compare these each of these two tablets specifications against each others.

    I like the Hyundai outer shell and i am personally happy with Korean brand name (im Korean), but thats not any major importance.

    The ICOU7GT seems to have similar specifications and the price is about the same. The only real difference i can read is there is 2gb of RAM, while Hyundai tablet has only 1gb. Of course different CPU and GPU etc, and this i dont really have any knowledge of, so i am asking here.

    Is difference in RAM gonna make very big difference for using? I am very much multitasking and i like listen music while browsing web and also i wanna have Skype running, but thats about it.

    Is there anyone that could give me advice in difference between these two tablets?

    Here is link. The specs are too long to post so i just paste the link for you>

    Hyundai T7 7 inch Android 4.0 Quad Core Tablet PC Exynos 4412 IPS 1280*800 1GB RAM 8GB GPS HDMI White - **************

    ICOO ICOU7GT 7 inch Android 4.1 Quad Core Tablet PC Allwinner A31 2GB RAM 8GB IPS 1280*800 - **************

    Thank you so much!

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