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Discussion in 'Vizio Tablets' started by vinogans, Nov 15, 2011.

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    well my knowledge is kinda limited but I was reading this forum alot and thanks to marvin and rprr .. and alot of users I collected info before buying the tablet .... SO here what I solved

    there is No arabic .. hebrew ... full support in the tablet you can write arabic or hebrew by using a keyboards multiling keyboard & slide it keyboard & install my script and you will be able to write whatever you want and copy it to whatever app u want ... the only office that you can write arabic in it with out separated letters is document to go ... those virtual keyboard can write other languages also like german and russian and etc ... .... to read pdf in non supported language even if you dont use latin letters you can use aldiko it read pdf and it`s cool .... voice action or .. jeannie ... siri like app in android ... work well in the tablet but I didnt find it @ the market due to the filter so I downloaded it .apk and it`s amazing .... I can find another camera app to adjust the brightens but I will search more ..... for the IR issuess ... if you find ur trademark and didnt find the exact model try another model it worked with me so it will work with you ....

    thats all I hope my post will help any one ...

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