I just bought a DOUBLE POWER tablet at Best Buy and can't find them mentioned here.

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by arealniceguy, Nov 10, 2012.

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    Double Power t-708
    Does anyone know anything about them. It is a Double Power t-708. I saw it first at Walmart with a lot of good reviews but they were sold out online and not available in the stores here in Dallas.

    I ordered it from Best Buy and so far (two days) it has been performing as expected. It is my first Android. I am a little geek (I used to work at a call center giving tech support for FIOS) but I as a kid I took watches apart but never got them back together. That has continued to this day as I can usually fix minor computer tech issues IF I search enough, but don't let me near your hardware.

    They are $89.00 to $100.00 and seem to be pretty good for the money. It is no iPad in build quality but seems to be well glued together and Android seems to be working fine on it.

    The printed booklet they sent seems to be a reduction in size of another manufacture with the name changed to protect the guilty.

    The case for it is two strips of plastic coated white cotton sewed together.

    The stores don't seem to have them in stock just for sale online as they are so inexpensive I doubt the profit is much and they don't want to cut into the $200.00 tablet sales. I just hope my neice's 6 year old grandson does not find out he can play Angry Birds on it, then I will have to fight him for it.

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