I Just Want an ASUS Memo Tegra 4 Tablet, Is That Too Much to Ask For?

Discussion in 'Asus Tablets' started by Nemix, Oct 25, 2013.

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    As the title says I just want ASUS to develop and release a 10.1" Memo Pad with Tegra 4 and 1280x800 resolution simply cause I Android unlike iOS does not handle higher resolutions for application all that great.

    I don't want no metal backed Transformer Tegra 4 tablet with some ridiculous resolution (that will not play well with all applications) and mono speakers (technically stereo but placed on the same side), the metal backing on ASUS tablets has been known to cause WiFi issues in the past.

    Give me a Memo Pad 10.1" with the same spaces as the Tegra 4 Transformer (most notably dual band WiFi) minus the metal casing, idiot speakers placement and ridiculous resolution and I'm willing to pay $399 for a 32GB version this year.

    On second thought this will all probably happen in Spring 2014 with reduced prices but I'm just not willing to wait that long...LOL

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    Feel better now?:rolleyes:

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