I need help with my 7" WM8505 ARM9, 256MB RAM tablet.Need to get it back to 1.6

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    Tablet 7" WM8505 ARM9, 256MB RAM
    Ok so from the title you know its kind.

    model - LY - 706
    mermory size - 256MB
    Firmware version - 1.6
    Kernal Version - 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty

    Ok so I'll tell you what happened.You know the good games for android like minecraft and others.I wanted one of them but.. most of them are for 2.1 and ofcourse I had to start looking up how to update my tablet and I got it to 1.7 but... The screen wont work and I think to myself "ok I'm lucky I didnt brick it but now how do I get it back.".So I think this website would be the best place.I bet some people have the same problem as me so they sell the tablet and aatleast half the money is lost.

    Problem:Need to get it to 1.6 from 1.7 because screen doesnt work.


    1. Some ones helps my by giving me download link for 1.6
    2.Theres some update that will fix the problem
    3.I screem throw the tablet out the window and kill myself (Probely impossible)

    If some one can help me I can give the a game and the code from this list

    1.Minecraft pc
    2.Worms Ultimate Mayhem pc
    3.Heroes of Might and Magic 4 pc
    4.Fable 3 pc(lost the serial code)
    6.Duenges of Dredmor
    7.Tropico 4
    8.A folder of games for android including:Gangstar,Minecraft Pocket Edition, Angry Birds and others.

    I will send you the link if it works.

    Thank you for your time , PkGamer
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