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    Sylvania SYNET7LP
    Previously discussed was a similar tablet (Ican) that was recently provided an update.


    One of the things to change with this firmware was the way in which the tablet will receive updates.

    Attached is a archive containing the resources of the application IcanUpdater. Can anyone provide a basic understanding of how the tablet polls the server to check for updates and how it is notified if an update is available? It seems to leverage RabbitMQ - Messaging that just works. RabbitMQ is a complete and highly reliable enterprise messaging system based on the emerging AMQP standard. Beyond that it would be interesting to see what and how it polls for updates if this is the way infoTMIC updates will be delivered with any new updates.

    Code snippet from Listener$1.smali
        .line 69
        .local v6, res:Landroid/content/res/Resources;
        new-instance v4, Landroid/app/Notification;
        const/high16 v10, 0x7f02
        const-string v11, "New Update Ready!"
    What is the need for an update_id?


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