ICOO D70W 7 inch Tablet, Better Than Novo 7 ELF!

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    Novo 7 Elf is really hot in these days, people like the 1024*600 high screen resolution, like the 1GB DDR3 Memory,and like the Android 4.0 OS. Today, we recommand another tablet, it have all of the advantage of NOVO 7 ELF, and it also have 16GB Storage( NOVO 7 ELF is just 8GB), This new model is called: ICOO D70W

    ICOO is a famous brand in our country, the already release the ICOO D90W before,and win a lot of positive feedback, the New ICOO D70W is the new model from this company. the detail specification is here:

    • CPU : Alliwinner A10, ALLWINNER A10 incorporates cutting edge many-core technology, which has highly integrated CPU+GPU+VPU+VE, clocking at 1.2GHz, overclocking can reach 1.5GHz , GPU:Mail 400, can run most of the 2D/3D games;
    • Operating System:Android 4.0 ICS, the lastest version supporting Flash 11;
    • Display: 7 Inch 16:9 5-Point Capacitive Touch screen with 1024*600 high resolution;
    • 1 GB DDR3 RAM + 16 GB Nand Fast Flash Memory, supporting Micro SD card max 32GB;
    • WIFI:802.11 b/g/n, check on the internet freely easily when there is wireless router;
    • Build in HDMI Port 1080P output;
    • Camera: Front camera 1.3MP;
    • 3G: Supporting external 3G modern;

    If you want to buy this tablet, just click the following link:

    McBub: Low-Priced ICOO D70W 16GB, USD 164.99, 7 Inch ICOO D70W Ultimate 16GB Android 4.0 Tablet PC AllWinner A10 1.5GHz Mali 400 1GB DDR3 16GB Memory WIFI 3G Black (CN145057)

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    Hi, I have a question for you. This thread seems to indicate that you sell these and that you are from China. Your location shows
    So I have a few questions if I may.
    First I have recently purchased 3 of the D50 lites and all work well with two exceptions and I recently purchased one of the D90Ws.

    The problem with the D50s are this. Not one of them will run the Netflix app properly. I understand that these tablets were probably originally designed for a Asian market, but since they are being sold in the Americas and in the USA in this instance, it is particularly important that Netflix works on these since it is used by so many people and I have seen on this forum two other people who bought this tablet and also can not get Netflix to work, so I am not the only one with the problem, and there are definitely others not on this forum that are also having this problem.
    The second issue is that every internet radio app I have tried on these tablets does not work properly, they switch on then off then on and off, on off and just keep doing that.
    These two things, Netflix and Internet radio are two things I use on all my tablets and wish to use on these and the D90W when it gets here.
    My question is, is there a app? program? update? something that needs to be installed on these to make these two things work? Or is this issue a problem with the allwinner chip sets these tablets use, should we ICOO owners expect to see a fix for these issues?

    Any information you have will be helpful.
    I really like these tablets and would like to buy more as gifts in the future, but if Netflix and internet radio are never going to be usable on these devices I/we need to know.

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