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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction & Forum Website Assistance' started by mike.j, Sep 17, 2011.

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    How do I find help for using this site? I'm really lost, and have some questions about some apps and how to use them as well.

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    Hi Mike,

    Welcome to the forum.

    There isn't a tutorial to learn your way around the forums. If you go to the main page at http://www.androidtablets.net/forum/ and look down the page, you'll see all the forums listed along with a pretty good description of the kind of information you'll find in that forum.

    It begins with general forums not related to a particular tablet and then lists the forums for all major brands of Android tablets. If you click on a forum, like the Nook, you'll get a listing of all the sub-forums that make up that forum. That would include things like Technical, Themes, Apps etc. that pertain to the Nook. So, if you were looking for information about apps for a Nook you would go to the Nook forum and then the apps & games sub-forum.

    If you have no idea where to begin, there's a search box in the upper right corner of every forum page where you can do a search for the topic you're interested in just like you'd do a google search for something on the web.

    In your particular case, I'd assume you're going to be most interested in the Asus Tablets forum, since your signature indicates you're using an Asus Transformer. Just click on the link in the previous sentence and you'll be there.

    Hope that helps a little

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