I'm confused... How To have 4G/3G on a tablet

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by LSDean, Feb 24, 2012.

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    in the market 4 1
    please help im new in the market for an android tablet, i don't like apples products.

    so please help me to realize how can i get android tablet and actually use it with a 3g/4g on the road (like ipad with att/vrzn does).

    can i get 3g/4g on a tablet at all ???
    can i buy it online and just go to any please and buy a regular simcard to it??
    do i have to buy in the actual place that provides the 3g/4g?
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    Jan 14, 2012
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    10' Android 4 Tablet
    Hi Dean,

    You can connect to a 3G network with either a 3G dongle using the USB port or you can buy an Android Tablet with built in SIM slot.

    The Tablets with Build in SIM slot is really straight forward (or that has at least been the case with those Tables I am familiar with). In the case of 3G Dongles you have to make sure that the tablet support 3G Dongles (3G modems) and even check if the particular model of the modem you have is supported) It is a bit tricky and the best way is either to ask the supplier or post the question in a forum like this.

    If you buy a Chinese model with Built in SIM slot you get the advantage that they normal have Dual SIM's which is not locked to any network.

    If your Tablet is running Android 4 ICS you will most likely have to set the 3G dongle up. You can see here how to do this: How to setup your 3G modem
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