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Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch II Variant 2' started by deetoo, Jun 1, 2011.

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    Superpad2 - Flytouch II
    Help! I love learning new stuff, but I need a glossary. I've been on this site for days, and I haven't accomplished anything yet.

    I've got a Superpad Flytouch 2 (it says Flytouch 3) Model disco - Android 2.20110325 - Baseband version Unknown - Kernel version zjd@dtlinuxserver #31 - Build Number FRF85B

    When I got it, everything was slow and the flash viewer wasn't really working. On this site, I locked up. I saw part of a YouTube video once, but never again.

    Then I got the bright idea to try a firmware update. I put the files on a 2G micro card, put it in the tablet while it was off, and held down the start button until it said restoring (I think)

    The big ANDROID logo stayed on all night. So in the morning I forced it off with the power button and restarted it. Well, it ran smoother, but now there's no flash at all. When I go to YouTube, I get "You need to Upgrade Your Flash Player to Watch this video"

    I'd really appreciate easy-to-understand instructions on how to optimize this tablet, but for now, I just want to watch YouTube and Lynda.
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    Flytouch 2 v2
    You should install custom ROM Tim4e. It has the best flash player so far. For youtube you are best to use the YouTube App. Some browsers launch this automatically when you goto youtube site (Like opera mini and dolphin). You did not perform the firmware update procedure correctly either it sounds like. Did your android version number change? Refer to this thread for firmware:
    FIRMWARE RELEASES: firmware files, benefits and bugs for the Flytouch2 v2 /Superpad 2

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