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    NEC Medias Tab N08D (previously SmartQ X7 but the GPS did not work)
    I have a SmartQ X7 with Andropos' ROM ("comod") and I am very pleased with it. I bought it as an ebook reader and as a bicycling GPS. At the former it is great (I have added a wigdget to dim the screen and prevent rotation so I can read in bed)

    But at GPS its performance is less than stellar, merely okay.

    It takes about a minute to lock and does not seem to update all that frequently. I don't mind this because I cycle on roads and only want to see which road I am on, or have travelled along. I guess that if it attempts to lock more frequently then it will use more battery power.

    But sometimes it does not lock at all. I was on a ride yesterday and found that tracking (Mapmyride and Map Droyd) had stopped working. WIFI was off. I presume that it may have been the lower (30%) battery level may have prevented GPS from working. Or perhaps it could have been because I was in a mountainous region.

    What can I do to improve or tweak GPS?

    There are apps such as

    And there are a couple of more technical files/patches
    [PATCH] AGPS Patch 3.1 & 2.2 | GET BACK TO RAPID GPS LOCK, CAN LOCK ONTO MORE SAT - xda-developers

    Some of the above appears to download data regarding the satellites (which must be done regularly, I believe) and others tweak settings. I have no idea why.

    Has anyone tried them on a SmartQ?
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