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Discussion in 'Nexus 7' started by freedda, Jun 4, 2013.

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    I have created a group from email addresses in the 'People' (contacts) app. When I open up the Email app (not Gmail) and start to type in a name, it looks from my list in Contacts and offers some choices. However, if I type the name of an Group, it doesn't show anything; in fact, it seems like there is no way of addressing an email to a group.

    Can anyone tell me how I might go about doing this?

    Regards, David.
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    You have two choices. Use MailDroid as it handles groups or follow these 2 options

    METHOD 1:

    1.) Download the free Android app Contacts GroupU here:

    2.) Follow the instructions for using Contacts GroupU here: How to Send Email to a Group in Gmail Android |

    3. You're done.

    * This will not install on some tablets, but will on some others.

    METHOD 2:

    If for whatever reason you can't use the Contacts GroupU app.

    1.) Using Names and Addresses from your contacts, create a text file with lines as follows:

    "Able" <Able@AIM.Com>, "Baker" <Baker@Comcast.Net>, "Charlie" <Charlie@GMail.Com>,

    "Dog" <Dog@AIM.Com>, "Easy" <Easy@Comcast.Net>, "Fox" <Fox@GMail.Com>,

    Obviously, each of these lines however long would be one of your "Groups"

    2.) Copy the "Group" that you wish to send your message to from the text file.

    3.) Access your Gmail via your browser and Compose your email.

    4.) Paste the "Group" in the "To" area of your new message and Send.

    5. You're done.

    Option 2 would be most likely to work but Google is where the problem lies.

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