Inexpensive Tablet for Alzheimers

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by Ronmidt, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Aug 2, 2012
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    My mother is 81 and has Alzheimers.
    She is always asking what day or date it is.
    (Also, she still goes to "work" at the salon my sister took over)
    She ask if she goes to "work" now sometimes at 07:30 everyday.
    I would like to find a tablet that is least expensive and has a display of:

    MonthName NumeralDate

    And also possibly a schedule powered
    Field on the display for Work or NoWork.
    This might be tough, but if she knew the date she could
    at least look on a color coded calendar.
    If she doesn't know the day or date a coded calendar is not useful.

    If you could recommend a good inexpensive tablet, maybe I could get
    a freelance app designer to come up with an app. I guess he could market
    it. Must be a few people that would buy it to help their parents.

    Anway, she needs an App for that.
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    Nov 8, 2011
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    hi , most tablets do display time/date on the home page but you can get free apps that will set preferences for how you want these things laid out on your device. you can also get diary reminders , alarms etc that will do all the things you're looking for for free. depending on your size requirements & other things you may want your tab to do for you , there are many cheap tablets out there. here is a link to a trustworthy site where the seller is a supporting vendor on this forum so help is only a click away. well worth looking at. if this tab does not suit your needs check out what else they have in stock & i'm sure you will find something there that does. good luck.

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