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    I plan on adding to this post when I have some more info, meanwhile please contribute your ideas.

    Rooting and an unlocked bootloader allows you to do a couple of things, customize your tablet and get updates onto your device long after the manufacture stops supporting it. You can also make a backup or all apps and system settings. This is a huge time/butt saver if you are toying around with your tablets os. Please use a backup program like the CWM (the custom bootloader) nandroid back up (preferred) or Titanium Backup to save everything before you start deleting/changing stuff.

    Remove the Lenovo App store and other non-essential apps from the A2109. You need a file manager on your Tab that can take advantage of root. The stock app ES File Explorer can do this if you enable it in its settings "root settings".

    Navigate to /system/app on your tablet and make sure you are in read/write mode for that folder. All the add on apps in the Lenovo IdeaTab A2109 have file names in the form ROWXXX.apk where X= some number. The icons will also look like the ones in the app drawer.

    Here is a list of ones that I have found to be safe to delete but please check if you want to delete it first (do you have backup?).

    DO NOT remove ROW019

    ROW001.apk Accu Weather
    ROW002 and ROW003 were for the Lenovo App Store (removed in the 0918 firmware)
    ROW004 Cut The Rope game
    ROW005 - Documents to Go

    ROW006 - ES File Explorer
    ROW007 Evernote
    ROW008 - Flash player config (don't remove!)

    ROW009 - Gametanium
    ROW010 KIndle
    ROW11 News republic app
    ROW012 - Norton Security

    ROW013 - ooVoo
    ROW014 Cheap Talk
    ROW015 Printer Share app
    ROW017 Lenovo Registratin
    ROW018 - Lenovo's Calendar widget (??? not sure)

    ROW019 - IdeaDesktop (as anika200 said, DON'T REMOVE!!!)
    ROW020 - Memo
    ROW021 - Lenovo's Music widget (??? not sure)
    ROW022 - Lenovo's Toggle widget (???)
    ROW024 - Lenovo's Weather widget (???)
    ROW025 - Lenovo's World clock widget
    ROW026 Skype
    ROW027 Sugar Sync - this is actually a really good service
    ROW028 - Lenovo's UI Intro video launcher (the actual video is at /system/media/video/UI_intro.mp4)

    ROW029 Zinio e-magizine app
    ROW030.apk (ZSProvider). This appears to be related to Zinio (ROW029)

    ROW100-145 Go Keyboard

    Once you delete these files reboot your tablet and check out the app drawer. All the apps should be gone and will not be eating up your memory or flash space.

    Change the bootup sound:
    Using your file manager navigate to /system/media/audio/notifications
    Locate the file "bootsound.mp3" rename it to "bootsound_org.mp3
    Now copy your own 128kb mp3 file into the directory and name it bootsound.mp3
    A sound file of 15 seconds or less should work well.

    Thanks to mcl630 and anyone else for adding to the list.
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    With the Jelly Bean update they've renamed everything. No more ROW stuff. Everything has their actual names.

    It should be safe to uninstall:

    LPC.apk (Lenovo Printer Share?)

    Do NOT uninstall:

    MagicLauncher.apk (IdeaDesktop)
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    And where is the file we need to rename in order not to have our recovery reflashed every boot?

    Edit: found it, it's in /system folder (just two files, pretty obvious which one) :)
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