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    Pretty much.... I was the one in the thread that had some funky U0 that the cwr would not run on/with... (fixed by a completely-different version).

    At this point I can confirm that ALL BUT the ramdisk/kernel properly backup/restore (by removing references to them in the recovery.fstab/init.rc)...
    What it does NOT do is access the ramdisk or kernel, which are not stored on the internal TF card (mmcblk2px) device.

    wip source? the only 'source' Ive been working with is the working copy (on superpad 1s...) I downloaded back then... as it has all the 'important' functions... backup, restore, formats... but I do not have anything that would be considered 'source' for it..

    It DOES work to my (temporary) satisfaction without the ramdisk/kernel backups... and as long as I dont hose the U0 it is quite simple to get them reinstalled by card or IUW-expert mode.

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    Toshiba Thrive 10" & Sylvania SYTAB7MX
    My tablet won't read system.img either and now boots to a black screen, so it's bricked until I can get a good system.img.
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    disgo 6000
    You sir a star.......
    I tried and tried to get this tablet Disgo 6000 up and running but........No Go.
    only option for me is the SDCard method, Nothin else available.Tried flashing stock roms all of them (without U0 of course) so the tablet still responds.
    However no luck so far just stuck on the logo screen.
    I`ve been trying to download your Bootable sdcard maker but can`t download it from the UK.
    Is it uploaded anywhere else I could try to download from ?????
    Thanks and best regards

    Bootable sd maker:
    The following download is a largely compressed archive.
    To open it, you will need to download 7zip (or use linux ;] )

    After you decompress it you will have two files.
    1) newsd.img (roughly 1gb)
    2) hddrawcopy portable exe

    You will need one micro sdcard you dont particularly care about.
    Preferably a 1gb card. This should not be your regular use sdcard, since if you forget to remove it, you will end up reflashing your device when you turn it on.

    Once you've found your sdcard, be sure you empty it since this will completely erase the card.
    Regardless of what size card you use, (1gb - 8gb) you will end up with only 705-740mb of space left.

    Simply use hddrawcopy to burn the newsd.img file to the micro sd via a card reader, then eject the card and reinsert it. The new filesystem will contain one folder named android which includes a readme and a flashable copy of the recovery ramdisk. If you have a copy of your stock ramdisk, you can trick recovery into booting automatically like so:

    1) rename your ramdisk.img to ramdisk.img.original
    2) rename recovery_rd.img to ramdisk.img
    3) eject the card
    4) flash to the device
    5) rename files back
    6) eject the card
    7) boot device, recovery automatically opens since its the main ramdisk now
    8) after backup/restore use the card to flash back the original ramdisk.img


    As I've said before some tablets (like the 7lp or some disgo's with the updater layout instead of recovery) will not boot with the recovery flashed and will required either an ius recovery or sdrecovery (by using the system, userdata, ramdisk, and uimage files extracted from your ius via iusedit) REMEMBER, you don't ever want to touch u0, I know its in the stock ius, but you never need to reflash it. EVER. The fact that your device still turns on is proof you should leave it be.
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    So I just contacted minus to see if they can give me access to the old downloads so I can mirror them somewhere for history's sake. My current tablet is now a Coby Kyros that I have a custom partition map on with a modified ICS rom.

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