Infotmic it900 tablet boot loop help please

Discussion in 'Infotmic Based' started by siler330, Dec 30, 2013.

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    infotm it900
    hi i have tablet 9'' Infotmic it900 (oe) it loop-boots always and i see only the INFOTMIC and the ANDROID LOGO i cant put the tablet in recovery mode... i have try everything and i have try all the compination button but nothing happens.. please help me to put it in recovery mode or flash it !! i am trying to find the .img flash it ... my pc does not see the tablet like a hard drive.. only like android adb interface.. i have try to fix it with adb ... through CMD but nothing.. it only reboots..(not in recovery mode) i have try also iuw to burn the image but nothing hapens..( i have the original system.img file ) please help me !!

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