Infotmic it9011 (iMAPx820) Custom ROM Project

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    Hi all

    I have a project in mind and I need some help ;)


    I have an Infotmic it9011 9" tab. its okish. the SD reader doesnt work and it wont turn on with a card in, but, other than that its ok. I know they get a lot of stick but ive found them ok.

    Recently I have been playing around with custom roms for my daughters Allwinner A20. Lots of fun!! ;) It got me thinking that maybe a rom could be made for the it9011.

    Ive been using the kitchen to build A20 roms and its good for that, BUT! Its no use for the it9011 as it doesnt use the standard partitioning system. The people I got my tab off gave me an SD card with a backup on and it just runs from that. (NOT for me though as my SD reader doesnt work :( ) Thing is, its not in a readable filesystem so it doesnt show up on a PC (Ive tried Win and Nix). pretty poor for modding :( However, I also have the .zip of the rom which extracts some uboot images, system.img recovery-rd.image, etc). The system img isnt readable in the kitchen and there is no boot.img to get the kernel from :(

    Ive tried many ways to extract the images ive got and none work. GRRR! :(


    The aim of this thread is to get people on board to make a custom rom for this device. These are popular devices but largely ignored by the wider android community.

    My knowledge of android is limited. Im a software developer (vb) but never worked with android until now. I have no in-depth knowledge of the different ways this os is setup on different devices. I have a few ideas of how this project could go :

    1) Obviously the best way is CWM recovery but so far i havent even looked at building one past the cwm build site. This would make flashing VERY easy IF it could be done.

    2) file to flash from stock recovery (will be limited in what can be modded as this isnt a full rom)

    3) Rebuilt rom flashable via SDcard or sideload/odin/etc

    Im looking for people to join me in this project who have some knowledge of android, custom roms, recoveries, partitioning, etc.

    My Motivation

    All my family have androids. My mum (75) and youngest daughter (5) have RK3066 chips while me (36) and my eldest (7) have the lesser A20/iMAPx820. If we can build a rom, I can port it to an A20. This would make it useable on lots of devices.
    The A20s have 4.2.2 and we have 4.1. I think we can use a 4.2 rom and a modded kernel to make a kick-ass 4.2 build!

    Anyone interested in this project is welcome to message me or post here. Its a long shot, but, maybe there are some people out there who want more from their infotmic tabs?

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this ;)


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