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    Hi All,

    I'm considering replacing my current laptop with an Android tablet, but there are some applications I need to be able to run that do not (as far as I know) have Android ports available. Many of these are standard and simple installations for normal Linux systems; can I install them on a rooted android device?

    Examples include:
    LaTeX (VerbTeX a poor but acceptable substitute)
    ROOT (CERN data analysis package)
    SSH (ConnectBot works; does it include X11 forwarding (-Y option)? Sounds like it isn't, because X11 isn't present in Android.)
    Even something as common as gcc

    Alternately, it appears possible to just run a virtual Ubuntu on an Android machine, shown here: How to Install Ubuntu on Android! | Android+Linux=AndroLinux

    Any insight/advice? Am I better off just using a real computer for these tasks?


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