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Discussion in 'Velocity Micro Tablets' started by kkid37, Oct 9, 2011.

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    Oct 9, 2011
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    Cruz T301
    I have upgraded to the latest version 2.2.1 in order to get the folders renamed. The internal storage is the FLASH folder and the external SD card is the SDCARD folder. I understand that this was done to allow easier installation to the external sdcard. Mine still wants to install apps to the internal storage. The Kindle reader will not place downloaded books to the sdcard/kindle folder. How can I force the use of the external SDCARD folder, or how can I force an app to look on the sdcard for related files?

    Some apps find files on the sdcard... RepliGo reader, Overdrive Media Console, and Officesuite all find files on the sdcard.

    Any help appreciated. Otherwise the T301 works pretty well even being a little puny!

    Thanks, kkid37

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