Installed a bootloader for the TF201 Prime on the TF700 Infinity

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    I am fairly new at all of this and am reaching out to the experts out there.
    I have an Asus TF700T Infinity. It is unlocked and has TWRP recovery installed. The tablet keeps booting into the TWRP recovery.
    Come to find out, somehow during the modding process I accidentally installed the TF201 boot-loader on my TF700 tablet. I have ADB and Fast-boot installed on my Windows 8 computer, but I'm not really sure how to use it.
    Right now, the only way for me to boot into the boot-loader is by going into the "terminal command" in TWRP and using this command:

    "insmod /external_sdcard/bootit.ko". (I have this on my ext.sdcard)
    It went right into the bootloader menu. 4 icons.

    Android Cardhu-user bootloader <1.00 e>
    Released by "Us_epad- A03

    I have tried installing multiple roms using the TWRP, it shows a successful install, but when rebooting, the tablet goes back to the TWRP recovery.
    I checked my history in my browser and I'm pretty sure it was this file that caused the problem (if that helps).
    Upgrade Hairybean 4.2.1 Bootloader & Recovery

    Can anyone out there help me get this tablet back to the TF700 boot-loader? Is it even possible? I am in desperate straits here. Please help.

    Thank You

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