Intel Debuts Oak-Trail Based 10-Inch Android Tablets at Computex

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    Intel said that they would be showing off their own brand of Android tablets soon, and they were true to their word at Computex. Intel debuted several Oak-Trail based 10-inch Android tablets at the technology convention. The names of the devices in the photo above from Engadget are as follows from left to right: Intel Green Ridge, Foxconn F150, Quanta QXZI, an unnamed Compal device, Intel Marco Polo 2, and Intel Carrot.

    From what the guys at Engadget had to say about the devices, they were not impressed. Here are a couple of quotes from them,
    They also had this to say,
    Hmmm... doesn't look like a great start for Intel. But, they do tend to throw products out on the market and make them better later. Plus, if they are really serious about getting into the Android markets in a big way, they can always chunk a ton of money at it. We'll just have to see.

    Source: Engadget
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    Lumbering behemoth has the best resources available to do this better than everyone else...and they phone it in. WTF?

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