intro: old to tech, new to android, especiall archos 101.

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    Im new to the android community. I bought the archos 101 to be able to watch some episodes of chuck/burn notice/check email with out spending a fortune on a new laptop, check and answer email, browse.

    I got mine from a friend who got his as a gift.

    So now I have this THING that it is very unresponsive to typing. Im on a computer typing all day. This THING doesnt make me comfortable using. However, Im stuck with it. I bought it. I cant give it back so I figured Id make the most of it. Id like to type at LEAST at the speed which i type on my nokia nuron. I read something about changing the clock speed to 1000, but I must redo it each time I reboot.

    I use it to read posts on forums. I hope to use it for VLC and netflix in the near future.

    I have the market place hack, which doesnt give all the apps. I tried registering my account with appslib, but they want pre approval (WTF??) for 1000 purchases of up to 200 dollars each. So I went to paypal and I turned off preapproval, right after trying to register it.

    I pulled down IMO which is a nice little chat client, and swiftkey demo which frustrated the *@#$ out of me, because it kept trying to type stuff I didnt want to. Im ditching that.

    Id like to get my device all gussied up with apps, rooting etc. But, I dont know what to start with.

    What is UrukDroid?
    How do I speed up the typing, and not have to set the clock speed each time i boot?
    Can you suggest other cool things to load up.
    Hints to make operations faster, lighter?
    Im a bit of a gamer (strategy and rp).
    Maybe voice to type?
    How about hardware keyboards for the archos 101.

    Nice to meet you all,
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    Better question What don't I own, Oh a generic APAD
    OK Welcome aboard. I have the A101/16 and have the following comments and suggestions to make your experience more enjoyable.
    1. Now that you have done the Market Hack, Do the Market Fix. Search on the site, it is precise and works. Only problem is that you sometimes have to repeat it. This is true for multiple devices not just Archos.
    2.You do not have to register to use AppsLib. I have not. I just cancel each time I want to visit. And only choose free apps.
    3. What Firmware are you using? 2.0.71 is the factory default. The most current is 2.1.8 It fixes number of speed issues. You can get it over the Air or direct from
    Download to your PC and then copy it using a MicroSD card or direct connect from your PC and Mounted.
    4. Urukdroid is a community build and offers interesting features, but will void any warranty if you pursue that route. It is your choice.
    5. Typing is problematic to the user. The screen is capacitive and not resistive. That means you do not need to press to activate. I found typing works best with a gentle touch. It is a learning issue. Similar to using a chiclet keyboard vs a normal keyboard.
    6. You do have to reset to 1Ghz with each boot, But, I am able to use Deep Sleep without issue for two-three days before I do a shut down and reboot
    7. The Archos 101 is not set to Root without voiding warranty, and the stock Firmware does not root easily.
    8. To speed things up. Remove the Bloatware and ONLY install apps you need.
    9. Get a Class 10 MicroSD card and use Apps2SD on apps which can be stored/loaded there
    10. There are strategy and RP games available but you need Amazon/Market/Appslib to load and use
    11. Voice to type is still processor intensive. TTS is available. VTT is still in dev. The ones out there have not impressed me
    12. I use SWYPE and Not SwiftKey. Each person has their own preference.
    13. Any USB Keyboard, and even BT Keyboards work with the 101. What I do when I want to do some intense typing is use my BT KB and the screen as my mouse. OR a USB Keyboard and my BT Mouse. Both work well in either situation.
    14. The Flash 10.2 on AppsLib works just fine on my 2.1.8 FW.

    Hopes this helps. I am a Vid/X Connect/Angry Birds/Reader/YouTube type of person. Best of Luck
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    Archos 101, Viewsonic G-Tablet, Motorola Droid X.... test drove: Augen gentouch 78, Coby Kyros 7015
    The best way to speed up on screen typing is to use thumb keyboard by bean soft... it make it feel more natural as you're holding the tablet.. IMO

    here's the link to the market.. it's a paid app but well worth it. the screen shots show some of the configuration options

    and as far as the swift key app. it takes some time for that keyboard to actually "learn" your typing style. i have it on my Droidx and after a while the predictions do get ALOT better.. almost freakishly so..
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